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Leadership Capabilities Feedback Tool


Welcome to the Health and Social Care 360 tool, designed to help health and social care professionals reflect on their leadership capabilities, and identify strengths and areas for development.

360 assessment is a process in which you rate your own performance as a leader, and ask people who know you well in a work capacity to rate your performance too. Feedback from a number of people builds a richer and more complete picture than can be given from any single individual.

This is a very powerful and sensitive process. You’ll gain valuable insight into how you are perceived by others and gain feedback that is relevant, structured, focused and actionable.

Guidance on how to use the tool is given throughout. There is also a guidance document available to refer to for further support.

Here you should carry out your own Self-Assessment against each of the six capabilities listed. Each leadership capability box contains a number of statements which describe what effective leadership behaviours and attributes look like in health and social care settings. You should consider each capability statement and decide to what extent you demonstrate the characteristics for each. You can use the box at the bottom of each page to expand on your reasons for your ratings if you wish. You can update the ratings you assign yourself in the Self-Assessment until the point where you generate your 360 report.

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